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Empowering Teen Mothers, Transforming Lives

Meet Evelyn, 21, and her son Matthew, 5

Evelyn and her son Matthew, Teen Success, Inc.

Evelyn learned of her pregnancy at 16 while in juvenile hall, but she was determined not to become another statistic or stereotype about teen mothers.

She choose to enroll in the Teen Success, Inc. program and received the support she needed to graduate high school. She also developed parenting skills to help her son, Matthew, thrive too.

Today, Evelyn's finishing community college and is transferring to Santa Clara University in the fall!

Her son Matthew’s following in her footsteps. He’s in preschool, he loves to read, and he’s starting kindergarten in the fall.

You can make sure young moms like Evelyn have the choice to be the mothers and women they want to become. Donate to Teen Success, Inc. today!

"Becoming a mother filled me with enough courage to change my life."
Evelyn, Teen Success, Inc. Graduate (pictured with her son Matthew)

With the right support, young women who become mothers in their teens can attain success in school and in life, for themselves and their children!

Teen Success, Inc. serves young families in communities across California and Northern Nevada where teen pregnancy rates remain high despite the downward trend across the nation.

Teen pregnancy disproportionately affects low-income, young women of color; and the moms in our program often face a cycle of poverty and young parenthood that clings on generation after generation. But you can help break that cycle.

With your support, teen mothers can graduate high school, break the cycle of poverty, and get the knowledge they need to make choices for themselves and their family.

Teen Success, Inc. empowers young women who become mothers in their teens to rise above the challenges facing them and achieve their full potential in school and as parents, so their children will also thrive.


As part of our intensive, research-based approach, the young women we serve participate in 18 months of one-on-one coaching and peer group learning.

Participants focus on their educational path, develop life skills, and deepen their knowledge of reproductive health to make informed choices. They learn parenting skills, with a focus on early literacy for their children so they'll be prepared for success in school too.

Donate today! Together, we'll ensure young moms like Evelyn don't have to do it alone and we'll open the door for more young women and their children to achieve their full potential.

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