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Close the Education Gap

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Empowering Young Mothers, Transforming Two Generations

Donations made to Teen Success, Inc. empower young women who become mothers in their teens to rise above the challenges facing them and achieve their full potential in school and as parents, so their children will also thrive.

Teen Success, Inc. GuideStar Platinum Seal of TransparencyTeen Success, Inc. is a trusted 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We've earned GuideStar’s highest level of recognition for nonprofit organizations, the GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency, for our commitment to transparency and service to our supporters and program participants.

Your donation makes a difference by providing young families with the supports they need to create thriving futures, including:

  • An Advocate: provides one-on-one coaching and support tailored to a young mother's unique situation
  • Educational navigation: planning for and achieving educational goals through post-secondary while mitigating barriers to success
  • Early childhood development: parenting skills, childhood development education, and emotional regulation skill building for mother and child
  • Financial well-being: development of financial literacy, building career skills, and connection to career resources
  • Health and wellness: health knowledge development and connection to physical, emotional, and mental health care resources for both mother and child

"My Advocate has a lot of resources for me and I have more support from the program than I do at home. It's like another little family of mine."

~ Liliana Valencia, Teen Success, Inc. Participant, pictured above with her son, Jayden

Making a Difference and Impacting Two-Generations

  • Over 85% of our participants graduate high school or are on track to graduate when they complete the program, versus only 38% of young mothers who graduate nationally.
  • Our participants read to their children an average of 16 minutes daily, setting them up for their own success in school.
  • 88% of our participants’ children are meeting their linguistic milestones, indicating that they will be kindergarten-ready.

Why We Must Empower Young Mothers

Teen Success, Inc. serves young families in low-income communities across California where teen pregnancy rates remain high.

Teen pregnancy disproportionately affects young women of color and the moms in our program often face a cycle of poverty and young parenthood that clings on generation after generation.

Your donation today can help break the cycle of poverty and close the education gap young women of color are facing.

With your support, young mothers can graduate high school, succeed in post-secondary education and break the cycle of poverty for their families.

Your donation today ensures young families get the support they need and opens the door for two generations, young mothers and their children, to achieve their full potential.

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Teen Success, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Tax ID: 45-0702884