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Empowering Young Mothers, Transforming Two Generations

You're in the right place to make a difference in young women's lives.

Meet Jessica and her daughter, Janice.

19-year-old Jessica Esparza was a student at Summit Prep High School, where she’d planned to pursue a career in nursing. When Jessica found out she was pregnant, following the path she was on didn't seem possible anymore.

Without anyone to talk to about what she was going through, she hid her pregnancy from everyone and spent 7 months doing everything alone.

When Jessica revealed her pregnancy to her family, she didn't get the support she needed. No one believed she could make it while being a mom.

Then she found Teen Success, Inc. “I love how [my Teen Success Advocates] teach. I felt like I could talk to them," she said.

With support and encouragement from her Advocate, Jessica found herself excelling in school once again, loving mom life, and considering a career in Cosmetology. Her Advocate encouraged her to pursue her education and apply for the Teen Success, Inc. Scholarship to support her career goals.

Jessica’s became 1 of 6 Teen Success, Inc. Scholarship Recipients in 2020. “It’s a dream come true,” she says of having both her daughter and the chance to go after the career of her dreams with a Teen Success, Inc. Scholarship.

With Teen Success, Inc.'s support, Jessica accomplished what no one thought she would - she graduated high school with a gorgeous baby girl by her side.

“Thanks to Teen Success, Inc. I have gained self-confidence and the ability to assert myself. I am my own advocate now.”
Jessica Esparza, Teen Success, Inc. (pictured with her daughter, Janice)

When we stand with young families, they succeed.

Only 38% of teen mothers graduate nationally, but with Teen Success, Inc., 92% of teen mothers graduate high school.Teen Success, Inc. empowers young women who become mothers in their teens to rise above the challenges facing them and achieve their full potential in school and as parents, so their children will also thrive.

Teen Success, Inc. serves young families in communities across California where teen pregnancy rates remain high despite the downward trend across the nation.

Teen pregnancy disproportionately affects low-income, young women of color; and the moms in our program often face a cycle of poverty and young parenthood that clings on generation after generation. But you can help break that cycle.

With your support, young mothers can graduate high school, succeed in post-secondary education and break the cycle of poverty for their families.


As part of our intensive, research-based approach, the young women we serve focus on their educational path, develop life skills, and deepen their knowledge of reproductive health to make informed choices.

They learn parenting skills, with a focus on early literacy for their children so they'll be prepared for their own success in school.

Donate today! Together, we'll ensure young families, like Jessica and Janice, don't have to do it alone and we'll open the door for more young women and their children to achieve their full potential.

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