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Empowering Teen Mothers, Transforming Lives

With the right support, young women who become mothers in their teens can attain success in school and in life, for themselves and their children!

Teen Success, Inc. serves young families in communities across California and Northern Nevada where teen pregnancy rates remain high despite the downward trend across the nation.

Teen pregnancy disproportionately affects low-income, young women of color; and the mothers we serve often face a cycle of poverty that has clung on generation after generation.

Without support, the majority of teen mothers don't graduate high school and too often the cycle of poverty and young parenthood continues.

Teen Success, Inc. empowers young women who become mothers in their teens to rise above the challenges facing them and achieve their full potential in school and as parents, so their children will also thrive.


As part of our intensive, research-based approach, the young women we serve participate in 18 months of one-on-one coaching and peer group learning.

They focus on their educational path, develop life skills, deepen their knowledge of reproductive health, and grow their parenting skills, with a focus on early literacy for their children.

Meet Monica and her son Noah

Monica learned about Teen Success, Inc. while in foster care. She credits her Teen Success, Inc. group with teaching her parenting skills and discovering her own self-worth. After having her son, Noah, Monica focused on becoming the best mother she could be.

She graduated from high school while providing for both of them herself. Monica hopes to become a social worker and wants to work with special needs and foster children. She's attending college with help from a Teen Success, Inc. Scholarship.

"In Teen Success, Inc. I've learned to accomplish goals that I've set for myself. Not only has Teen Success, Inc. helped me strive for the best, but it also taught me what good parenting is." - Monica, Teen Success, Inc. Graduate (pictured left with Noah)

Donate today! Together, we'll ensure young mothers like Monica don't have to do it alone and open the door for more young women and their children to achieve their full potential.

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